My Art

I am an acrylic painter and I produce modern paintings which have been described as “fun and colourful, with a strong design element”

My paintings are vibrant, eye-catching and original. My work incorporates realistically painted images combined with bright and strong abstract backgrounds, and capture the colours and sights of the Algarve in a modern way.

Pride of Alvor by Alyson Sheldrake

‘Pride of Alvor’ acrylic painting © Alyson Sheldrake

I also paint bright and modern flowers which almost seem to jump off the wall!

Summer Bellis by Alyson Sheldrake

‘Summer Bellis’ acrylic painting © Alyson Sheldrake

I am available for commissions and private work – please see my website for full details

Girls on the beach by Alyson Sheldrake

‘Girls on the beach’ © Alyson Sheldrake
Commissioned piece for a client

I can also be commissioned to complete a Pet Portrait for you – click here for more information and pricing

'Seamus' close-up

© Alyson Sheldrake

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy my work.


  1. I just bought one of your calendars! (Portugal) Lovely photos – I love that I was able to get it starting with the month I chose and still get a whole year!

  2. Me is so totally forgetful! Me was furry excited to gets this award, then, mes passed it along and then me is not sure if mes left a post, letting yous know that mess gots and posted about it,so here me is!

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