About me

This is my blog to share the challenge, struggles and joys of being creative.

I am an artist specialising in modern and vibrant acrylic paintings, and I am a qualified teacher with a background in education. I will share my ideas, creative thoughts and my paintings with you here – and even some ‘insider tips’ and sneak peaks of my art in progress and art studio!

Algarve International Fair 2013 Algarve Dog Show Alyson Sheldrake art

Here is a little bit more about me…

I am a self taught artist, currently painting a wide range of modern style landscapes, seascapes and familiar objects within my self titled ‘New Wave’ Collection, alongside my bold and bright flowers and Pet Portraits.

I was born in Birmingham, UK in 1968, and worked for many years in the West Country before escaping the dreary grey British weather and I have now set up my studio in the beautiful sunny Algarve in Portugal with my husband Dave. I am a naturally creative and dynamic person, and I have always had a positive and energetic approach to life – characteristics that I hope I now bring to my art and business. Visitors are welcome to visit my studio by prior appointment, and may even be invited to enjoy a glass of chilled wine (or a cup of tea!) on the balcony overlooking the Monchique mountains. Just make sure that Dave is cooking if you are invited to stay for lunch!

Working alongside my husband, Dave Sheldrake, who has now established himself as a full-time photographer; we organise and present our own exhibitions and events, and have established our main exhibition venues linked to the Holiday Inn chain of hotels at both Armaçao de Pêra and the Carvoeiro Sol hotel on the beautiful Algarve.

I have a BA (Hons) degree in sport, and I am also a qualified (secondary) PGCE teacher. I have A levels in Art and English Literature – which explains my passion for art and my love of writing and blogging – but perhaps not why I spent 13 years working as a Police Officer, before leaving the police service to work my way rapidly up the education advisory service to become a Director of Education for the Church of England.

Giving up an illustrious and successful career in education may have seemed a crazy thing to do – but the creative call of my paints and brushes became too loud and insistent a sound to ignore. I now spend my days either in the studio painting; or out with my husband and his camera; exploring the many beautiful and unspoilt beaches and harbours of the Algarve; and the hidden ‘local’ villages that dot the Portuguese landscape.

Journey with me – join in – add comments – and please feel free to share the link to this blog with your friends.

I also have my own website showcasing my art – you can view my work and find out more about me and my art here:

Art by Alyson Sheldrake website

Click the image above or the link below to visit my site:

Art by Alyson Sheldrake

All images contained in this website are copyright © Alyson Sheldrake and Dave Sheldrake, unless otherwise attributed. All rights are reserved. Content and images may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected or used in any way without express written permission.

40 thoughts on “About me

  1. Caddo Veil

    Thank you so much for visiting me–and it is wonderful to come here and discover where the ABC originated!! Sometimes it’s hard to track down where these great blog awards come from! Sorry I’m in a rush today–will make a point of returning when I have more time to browse! God bless you richly.

    1. ferragudofan Post author

      thanks – and as you have probably worked out – I have two blogs! greedy huh?!!
      thanks for your kind comments and blessing – the blogging community is so full of wonderful kind people x

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  4. judithatwood

    Thanks for stopping in at my blog, and for creating this award. I looked at your other website, which along with this one are lovely, colorful, interesting, happy blogs. I’m sure you have heard a million compliments on your painting and other arts, but I must add mine — bold, bright color belongs on the wall of every house, and someday I hope to add one of your prints to my wall. I am looking forward to what comes next!

    1. ferragudofan Post author

      thank you so much – you have just completed our sixth star for us too! I am so glad you are enjoying the award – I’m amazed how popular it has been!

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  10. rejistephenson

    I have gone through your blog and find in interesting. I will definitely take some time to have a look at more of your post. Wishing you all the best in your blogging journey.


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