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Blog of The Year 2013 Award

Although this blog is primarily about my art, and my creative journey, for some time now I have also been involved in creating and sharing blog awards.

The Blog of the Year Award originated on this site in 2012, and is now entering its second year – and has proved to be so popular that I have continued to support it again this year. You can click the logo above to read all about it, and download all of the instructions and badges.

You can also visit the Facebook group page, which now has over 600 members sharing their blog posts and work with a wider audience.

Happy blogging everyone!

12 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Helen Barbour

    Hi Alyson, just a note to say thank you for initiating this award. I was delighted to be nominated by and have just posted about this on my own blog, The Reluctant Perfectionist, I write about living with OCD.

    By the way, I love your art. You might be interested to check out this post I wrote, about some of my late friend, Nicki’s paintings – it includes a photo of them. She was a graphic designer and artist, who loved to paint clouds and landscapes:

    Kind regards


  2. Helen Barbour

    Thanks, Alyson – my favourite keeps changing, but I’ve always loved the one that is middle left. We had to shut down her website a year or so after she died, which was a shame – she did some lovely stuff. She was accepted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition twice in the years just before she died, which was a lifetime’s ambition achieved, and a great accolade.

    Thanks, also, for adding me to the Blog of the Year Facebook page. I have now put up my blog and Twitter a/c details, but am unsure of the protocol going forward – from what I can see, Members are allowed to put up details of new posts. Is that correct? I don’t want to do the wrong thing!


    1. Alyson and Dave Sheldrake Post author

      hello – yes you can just add the links to your posts straight onto the page! I must add another ‘welcome’ to everyone soon – we’ve had so many new members lately!
      nice to have met you too – always like to find new blogs and art to enjoy!

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